How to Get More Energy Naturally

While it’d be nice to wake up perfectly refreshed and alert every morning, we all know that doesn’t always happen. And though a caffeine buzz can get you through the day, it can also increase your blood pressure, up your stress levels and even interrupt your sleep — ensuring you’ll be up all night and groggy the next morning, too. Instead, opt for these (mostly caffeine-free) energy boosting methods to stay alert all day.

Get Moving with a Walk

Of course, a serious sweat sesh at the gym will get your pulse racing, but you can get similar results from a brisk walk outside (and still look office-ready when you’re done). The sun naturally triggers hormonal changes that keep you feeling alert, while the slight increase in your heart rate can help you break through a mid-afternoon slump. Use the time to zone out and recharge, or mentally go over the rest of your to-do list to ease your stress when you’re finished, too.

Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving

Indulge your sweet tooth and feel more energetic? Yes, please! Dark chocolate has just a touch of caffeine — enough to give you a slight mental boost, but not enough to trigger an all-out caffeine buzz that might disrupt your sleep. Dark chocolate also supplies iron, a mineral that helps carry oxygen to your brain to keep you feeling alert, and it’s modest sugar content offers a small energy boost — but not enough to cause a blood sugar crash. Just keep your serving size limited to one ounce to avoid eating too many calories.

Enjoy Healthy Fats

Fats are essential in a healthy diet, and choosing healthy unsaturated fats — think olive oil, nuts, fatty fish — boosts heart health, ups nutrient absorption to prevent energy-zapping deficiencies and serves as a great source of energy, at 9 calories per gram. Up the energy-boosting potential of your diet by adding medium-chain fatty acids, like the ones found in coconut oil. These fats digest fast, so you’ll get an almost-instant source of energy, and they may actually boost your endurance during workouts.

Invert Your Workout

Yogis have long attributed their daily yoga practice to their increased energy levels (you’d have to feel energetic to get up at dawn for sun salutations!) but you don’t need to be ultra-flexible to get yoga’s energy-boosting benefits. Simply add inversion poses (see our easy list below!) to your daily routine. Inversions help increase blood flow to your brain, providing oxygen that can help you feel energized and alert.

Try Energizing Aromatherapy

Create an energizing, spa-like atmosphere using essential oils for aromatherapy. Invigorating rosemary oil boost your alertness, and it can actually enhance your performance during demanding mental tests, a recent study found. So it’s perfect to set the mood when you’re cramming for an exam or up against a tight deadline at work. Jasmine oil also has stimulant properties, and can actually increase blood flow and help you feel more alert and focused, according to a recent study.

Take Time to De-Stress

Even the best energizing “hacks” in the world won’t help if you’re under constant stress. Not only can stress get in the way of a good night’s sleep, it takes up mental real estate all day, leaving you emotionally exhausted — even if you haven’t done any work! Make stress-busting activities — whether that’s time with your loved ones, a killer workout at the gym, writing in a journal, or a few minutes of meditation each night — a non-negotiable part of your day. Work them into your schedule along with your other commitments so they’re given top priority — not just an afterthought. You’ll feel relaxed and balanced during the day for easier sleep at night.

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